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Le réseau social du football amateur a été créé pour permettre aux footballeurs amateurs de se connecter avec d’autres footballeurs et de partager la passion du plus beau sport du monde, en jouant de vrais matches.

Vous pouvez facilement configurer des matchs réels avec équipes de football amateur réelles dans votre région en quelques clics.

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⚽ We are a community of amateur soccer players where we want to connect, share and live our passion playing soccer 🥅

We already are

Inscrivez-vous en tant que footballeur amateur maintenant!

📜 Start making history, one step at a time

Every great journey starts with one step. Register now to setup your footballer profile to show the world you are ready to play football soccer!

Kickarounds around the world

Find kickarounds close to you, all the time (hopefully 😅)

The community is hungry for football! That is why we are making everything we can to ensure there are relaxed spaces of football everywhere.
That is what we call a Kickaround, just an informal setting to get together with footballers of your community to play a little bit, without keeping scores or rivalries between teams.

Feeling a bit bored and there are no kickarounds nearby? Simply create a kickarount event in your favourite venue, set date and time, and start inviting people to join! 💪

Football Soccer Teams Everywhere!

Exactly as we love it, find teams around you easily, join for a kickaround or an actual football match

There are different kind of teams. ⚽ There are city wide Open teams that everyone can join.
⚔️There are other teams a bit more exclusive that will accept your application, but they will check your profile first.
🛡️ There are also private football teams which you can join only if they invite you.
🔥 Of course, you can also create any kind of team where you set the rules

Worldwide ranking of amateur footballers

You can be part of the biggest ranking of amateur football soccer. You just need to start registering those amazing moments from matches

We believe every single hot goal 🥅 or amazing save 👊 should count to make you shine!
Nevertheless, those shameful own goals, yellow and red cards 😡, and even injuries 🤕 can crawl up in the world ranking.
To make sure you rank up, report your amazing feats in the minute to minute reporting tool available in matches and kickarounds.
🤝 Then ask the other footballers to vote for your reports to give them validity in the community.

Join our community

⚽ We are a community of amateur soccer players where we want to connect, share and live our passion playing soccer 🥅

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Find the perfect venue for you

We believe in the communities that form around the football venues

🏟️ There are awesome things happening in the football soccer venues and public parks all the time. Vibrant communities form to share the passion for football.
In our community we want to give the tools to follow up the places in which your community loves to play, paid venues, education institutions with football fields like schools and universities, as well as our beloved public parks.
💬 In our app we enabled open chats per venue so you can easily connect with the community around every venue in your city!

⚽ Serious football matches

If you want to take things up a notch, level up with actual challenges to football matches

We all love a good football match. Those that inspire you to be better ⚽ , give your best and sweat that t-shirt for your team. 👊
You can challenge teams in your city to serious football matches with score and even referee 🧑‍⚖️ if want to keep things formal!
Join now and start making your community vibrate with your team's amesome skills!


🧑‍⚖️ Very important part of the football soccer community, Referees help keep the game fun and open to all

Are you a passionate referee searching for some action?
Register now and report yourself for duty.
You will simply thick a checkbox and set your rate per match if you want.
With this, the community will be aware you are there to help us keep our matches nice and fair, as we like'em.
And of course, we got the referee ranking covered too 😉

To our beloved Referees, THANK YOU for your hard work! ⚽

Chaque correspondance compte

Gagner, égaliser, perdre, aller à chaque match, mettre à jour vos scores à temps, tout compte pour le classement mondial. Avec vous, nous créons le plus grand réseau social de football amateur pour permettre à chaque footballeur dans le monde de savoir combien il est comparé avec les autres footballeurs, de montrer ses talents, qui sait, peut-être devenir un footballeur professionnel. La seule limite est le ciel !!!

Tout est prêt pour que vous commenciez à construire votre histoire de footballeur, rejoignez-nous aujourd'hui!

Join our community

⚽ We are a community of amateur soccer players where we want to connect, share and live our passion playing soccer 🥅

Partidito App! 🥳⚽🥅

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Live the football soccer the best way possible, playing!

Who are we?

A small, passionate, and powerful team of footballers that want to play football

Starting as an idea in 2007 after playing tens of matches against the same group of guys, has been created after 4 tries and a lot of dreaming and coding hours. It is permanently on development so not get too surprised if next time you come back it has an entire new face and more awesome functionalities!

Today the team is stronger than ever and the community is growing fast. Join us to help to create the biggest and most active amateur football community worldwide!