The last couple of weeks have been interesting for the development. Quite difficult due to limit of work time, but still really rewarding. XD

Now there is a page per each match which enables the user to share each match via facebook and using Open Graph. With this we can have personalized actions over the object like creation, scores submission or even challenges acceptances. It will be a good integration with Facebook. :)

For now I'm struggling to develop a little agenda for the footballers to make it easy to understand the current status of the pending matches. It can be very complex to follow up the processes of all the matches without that kind of guide.

Some other interesting developments that I have been working on are the optional referee for the matches and the kind of football to be played (4 to 6, 7 to 9 or 10 to 11 footballers). Hopefully it will be finished by next weekend to start working on the events per match and the leagues.

If there is people interested in helping me testing the website please contact me on twitter @asierraserna.