, the amateur football social network is live!

From today I will be publishing the progress of the development of

Create your teams

I don't know why I'm doing it, but I only know I have to do it. It has been in my mind so many years, and I have tried several times to make it see the light. Now that it's almost ready, (at least the first version) I just want to share my thoughts and coming development statues. Is not the goal itself what motivates me, is the path to get there that keeps me focused. Let's face it, this might not be a huge success ever, but I have a lot of fun while watching it grow. I don't care too much about the success it can have.

The first time I tried to develop this amateur football platform was like... mmm... I think 8 or 7 years ago. It's name was "" that literally means "". It was good enough, made over PHPNuke. I developed the teams creation module but the matches module was too complex for me in that moment.

Then it was I tried twice and let it go. It was Joomla! based, God bless the Joomla! Community!!! Guys, you Rock!!! WE ROCK!!

I left the project for good, it was to difficult for me, and some guys from Spain took the domain to do the same kind of project. suddenly, one year ago, I received a message notifying me that my old good domain was again available. The only thought that came to me mind was WHY NOT?

Let's see how it will go. See you in the field guys!

(Sorry that I'm writing only in english... feeling lazy to write again all this in spanish. Some day I will translate it)